On The Cakeri’s 2017 Wedding Cake Collection….

We would like to introduce you to our 2017 Wedding Cake Collection. Current wedding trends see the introduction of metalics and marble effects coupled with the vintage influences of sugar lace, pearls, broaches and ruffles. As ever sugar flowers have a central role to play in our wedding cakes, but these move towards simpler, larger whimsical statement flowers. Hand painted designs, quotations, names and dates add lovely personal touches to any design. The Chalkboard cake continues to be popular as it provides a larger ‘edible canvas’ for vintage styling and personalisation and works well with festival or vintage themed weddings.


2017 wedding cake collection

The Grace

(Top Left) Marble Effect, copper metalic, hand painted message and statement sugar flower finished with lace and a simple bow.

 The Emily

(Bottom Left) All over brush embroidery lace effect finished with a vintage broach and oversized bow.

The Olivia

(Centre) Edible ruffle features, sugar beads, vintage broaches and statement whimsical roses.

The Alexandra

(Top Right) Double height chalkboard tier allowing personal messgae, vintage roses and pretty hydrangea flowers, lace ribbon.

The Pippa

(Bottom Right) Sugar lace over a pastel colour cake, statement vintage rose, lace ribbon and bow details.

As always, our wedding cake collection acts simply as inspiration to help us work together to create your own personal wedding cake design. You can pick and choose the elements you like from any of the cakes. All icing can be coloured to match your wedding colours and themes. We can also work on a bespoke design based on the details of your dress or the work with themes at the wedding venue. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch today to book your tasting appointment with The Cakeri.  🙂


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