On individually designed wedding cakes….

About this time last year, Lesley and Andy and their children came to The Cakeri for a wedding cake consultation.  We sat around the dinning table on a cold winters day drinking tea, trying lots of different flavours of cake, and dreaming up their perfect cake design.

They had seen some cakes I’d made where children had been the designers and then and I’d either brought their designs to life, or helped the kids to make up their designs.  Lesley explained that all 5 of them had ideas for the cake that they wanted to include in the design.

As a general rule I am a fan of simple designs, clean lines and a few bold details, so naturally I was a little apprehensive about where this design might go.  But designing and making this cake was a reminder that it’s never just a cake; it’s a symbol of what is being celebrated at the wedding.  What really stuck me about Lesley and Andy and their family was that this wedding celebrated all that they were together; the 5 of them.  Therefore of course there were going to be many elements to incorporate into the cake.  How could they choose anything else!?

In the end we went for a double-sided design.  This enabled the front to be based on our vintage chalk board design, but incorporating quotes from Harry Potter both on the cake and the topper.  Then on the reverse of the cake the children’s ideas came into play.  We incorporated a Lego man, sugar figures of the children sat in front of a countryside scene, and then hand painted logos and images of interests the family share.

I really enjoyed making this cake. I think in the end it really shows how special an individually designed wedding cake can be.  I hope you all like it. Xk

lesley and andy

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