On making your own birthday cake

So in my world, May is the month of birthdays! By the end of the week I will have made ten cakes, just for friends and family (excluding any orders). However, I must confess that three of those ten were for my birthday.

This birthday was a big one. Consequently, despite this being very un-me, I felt the need to have a party. Which obviously meant there needed to be cake. And a big cake at that.

People asked me a lot in the weeks leading up to my party if I was making my own cake. And when I replied that I was, they all seemed to feel a bit sorry for me. (And some, I think, were also secretly relieved that I wasn’t going to ask them to do it!) I assured each one, just like I will to you now, that I was very happy to be doing it. I love baking and therefore it will be nice to make another few cakes.

However, not being a party person, I had underestimated the amount of work that a party brings with it! I had grand designs for both my party and my cake. In the end, the party was at my home and the cake was a rustic ‘naked’ cake. But I loved both, and wouldn’t change them for the world. Next time though, while I’m very happy to make my own cake, someone else can definitely organise the party, do the decorating, cleaning (before and after), drinks, food and other party related jobs!

I think after all of that, I most definitely deserved a slice of each flavour…

naked cake

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