On naked wedding cakes from The Cakeri…..

Naked wedding cakes are a relatively recent trend, but a trend we think is here to stay.  Here at The Cakeri, we absolutely love naked wedding cakes and find they are increasingly popular with our brides and grooms.  We always make one up for wedding fairs and invariably it is the naked cake that receives the most interest.  So here is a collection of images of some recent naked wedding cakes we have done and some answers to the most frequently asked questions about how they work.

Naked Cake – Swallows Nest Barn, Warwick


1. What is a naked wedding cake?

Simply put – a naked wedding cake is a cake without icing! So it is ‘naked’ because it isn’t covered with a layer of ganache and fondant.  The cake itself is the same as all of our other cakes and is split and filled with frosting and preserves.  However the top and sides of the cake are simply dusted with icing sugar to give an inviting, rustic effect.  The cakes can then be decorated with fresh fruit and flowers to create a gorgeous centre piece for your wedding. 

Naked Wedding Cake, Warwickshire

Naked Cake, Shutstoke Farm Barns, Shutstoke, Coleshill

2. How do you keep a naked cake fresh?

The cakes are baked fresh and then split and filled at The Cakeri immediately prior to delivery.  Many of them are kept moist with drizzles or syrups, and of course the fillings contribute to this also.  We always arrange with your wedding venue to set up your naked cake as late in the day as possible so that the cake and the fruit are kept fresh.  We have found that this ensures that both the cake, and the fresh fruit stay at their best for your wedding day.  As with all of our cakes, we would advise against them being in direct sunlight or particularly warm locations.  The British summer is almost always on the side of the cake, and ensures we never see too much sun! 😉 

Naked Wedding cake northamptonshire

Naked Wedding Cake, Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens, Northamptonshire

3. When do you bake the cakes for a naked cake?

We bake as early as we can whilst also as late as possible to ensure freshness!  This means the sponges are baked the day before the wedding as they need to fully cool overnight before the fillings can be added. 

Naked Cake Warwickshire

Classic vanilla sponge with vanilla bean buttercream and raspberry conserve

4. Why doesn’t it fall over?

As with all of our wedding cakes, each tier is placed on its own cake board.  Dowels are placed in all tiers of the cake which act as pillars for the next tier to rest on.  Therefore the weight of the cake is distributed through the dowels and the cake is fully supported. 

Naked Wedding Cake Warwickshire

Naked Wedding Cake at The Pump Rooms, Royal Leamington Spa

5. Can a naked cake be moved once it is set up?

We would generally advise against moving a naked cake once it is set up.  This is simply because of the amount of fresh berries which we place on the cake.  If you have a design which just has fresh flowers on then moving the cake will not be a problem.  For weddings where the space used for the ceremony is turned around into the reception venue or the location of the cake, we arrange to deliver and set up your naked cake after the ceremony while you are busy having photos taken, so that no one needs to move the cake. 

Naked Wedding Cake West Midlands

Naked Wedding Cake, Crockwell Farm, Daventry

6. What flavour choices do I have for my naked wedding cake?

Anything you want from our cake flavours list! The only thing to bear in mind is aesthetics – obviously because its naked, you can see what colour it is! The only cakes which are very obviously different are any of the chocolate options or fruit cake.  For those of you who (like Keri) can’t bear the thought of a wedding cake without chocolate, we think it works well as the base tier.  This means the cake doesn’t look stripey.  The difference is even less noticeable if you choose to have caramel or white chocolate frosting as the filling of the chocolate layer.  Fruit cake is slightly different again because it is not a cake which is filled with frosting, it looks different to all other tiers.  If you would like a naked cake but want fruit cake to feature, then we recommend having a small fruit cake to the side, as part of a dessert table, which can be adorned with cherries, nuts, and fresh flowers and will compliment the naked cake.

Naked Wedding Cake Warwickshire

Lemon Drizzle Naked Cake, Kenilworth

7. Which is better; a naked wedding cake or a semi naked wedding cake?

Semi naked wedding cakes are the same as naked cakes but have a thin scraping of vanilla bean buttercream over the outside of the cake.  However because the frosting layer is so thin, the cake layers still show through but in a more opaque and subtle fashion.  It is a slightly less rustic option and one which is suited to being adorned with fresh flowers.  We will always liaise with your florist to coordinate which flowers are needed for your cake.  Both styles of cake are beautiful and it really depends on your preference and what works best with your venue and the themes of your wedding. 

Semi naked wedding cake, Warwickshire

Semi naked cake, The Baraset Barn, Alveston, Stratford upon Avon

Hopefully that answers all of the main questions we get asked about naked wedding cakes.  Let us know if you have any others! For further details or to book in for a wedding cake tasting and consultation get in touch with Keri today. 🙂 

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