On Loving Cake and Eating Healthily

I love cake.

There, I said it. Although I imagine it doesn’t come as a surprise to you. I’m not sure when it started, in fact it probably started before I can remember otherwise. My mum makes a mean chocolate cake with a gorgeous fudgey icing. I remember sneaking extra slices when no one was looking as a child.

I also, however, like being healthy. There seems to be a new diet every week these days, and believe me, given the love of cake, I’ve tried most of them. What I’ve learnt along the way though is that all anyone really needs to do to be healthy is eat real food. Cook meals from scratch using mostly vegetables and meat and you won’t go too far wrong.

The same, I believe, goes for puddings. Make them from scratch and not only will they taste so much better, but also they won’t contain any of the preservatives, chemicals, and (in my opinion) non food ingredients that anything you buy ready made will.

So don’t eat it everyday, but every now and again, treat yourself to real cake. Real cake only has 5 or 6 high quality ingredients. And no, it will never be a health food, but it will make you smile, it brings people together and it turns a regular day into a special occasion.

You’ll find my recipes for ’20 minute super easy scones’ and ‘Orange drizzle loaf cake’ available to download for free in the tutorials section of The Cakeri website. Have a go and send me pictures of how you get on. If you have any questions, get in touch, I love to talk about cake.

As someone once said, ‘A party without cake is just a meeting’.

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Welcome to the New Website

It has been a long time in the making, but finally I am very proud to announce a brand spanking new website for The Cakeri.

You can see lots of lovely pictures of cakes we have done, so click to browse our cake collections!  As always, every cake is baked and designed to order so do get in touch to talk through your requirements and ideas.  We believe everyone should get to enjoy cake and therefore have spent time developing gluten, dairy and egg free recipes. Please let us know of any dietary requirements at the time of booking and we can advise of the best flavours of cake for you.

Keri will be blogging on all things related to this crazy cake adventure! Take a read and leave some comments; we love to share stories.

We will be adding useful tutorials to help you make amazing cakes at home and also guidance on different decorating techniques.

There is also lots of information about our fantastic courses which run from Keri’s home.  Book a day or half day as a treat for yourself or bring a group of friends.  However you would like to do it, Keri will put together a day based on what you would like to learn.  And of course we all learn best when well fed, so there will be a lot of cake, afternoon tea and unlimited coffee throughout your time at The Cakeri.

We hope you enjoy visiting the site and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback or enquiries.